The schedules below were published dates. Not all games were played on the scheduled days and in the '73-74 season the games after December 14, 1973 were never played. Scores for all games and actual dates played, if different, will be listed on the Results page.

1971-72 Schedule

1972-73 Schedule

1973-74 Schedule

Fri Oct-12 at Macon
Sat Oct-13 at Macon
Tue Oct-16 at Charlotte
Sat Oct-20 Macon
Sun Oct-21 Macon
Fri Oct-26 Greensboro
Sat Oct-27 Greensboro
Tue Oct-30 at Winston-Salem
Tue Nov-6 at Charlotte
Fri Nov-9 at Greensboro
Sat Nov-10 at Roanoke
Tue Nov-13 at Charlotte
Thu Nov-15 at Roanoke
Fri Nov-16 at Winston-Salem
Tue Nov-20 Winston-Salem
Wed Nov-21 Winston-Salem
Fri Nov-23 Roanoke
Sat Nov-24 Roanoke
Tue Nov-27 Macon
Wed Nov-28 Macon
Fri Nov-30 Winston-Salem
Sat Dec-1 Winston-Salem
Tue Dec-4 Greensboro
Wed Dec-5 Greensboro
Fri Dec-7 Macon
Sat Dec-8 at Macon
Sun Dec-9 at Macon
Tue Dec-11 Winston-Salem
Wed Dec-12 Winston-Salem
Thu Dec-13 Greensboro
Fri Dec-14 Greensboro
Tue Dec-18 Roanoke
Wed Dec-19 Roanoke
Fri Dec-21 at Greensboro
Sat Dec-22 at Winston-Salem
Thu Dec-27 at Roanoke
Fri Dec-28 at Winston-Salem
Sat Dec-29 at Macon
Wed Jan-2 Charlotte
Fri Jan-4 Macon
Sat Jan-5 Macon
Sun Jan-6 at Macon
Tue Jan-8 at Charlotte
Thu Jan-10 at Roanoke
Sat Jan-12 at Greensboro
Wed Jan-16 at Greensboro
Thu Jan-17 at Roanoke
Fri Jan-18 at Winston-Salem
Sat Jan-19 Charlotte
Sun Jan-20 Charlotte
Tue Jan-22 at Greensboro
Thu Jan-24 at Winston-Salem
Fri Jan-25 at Charlotte
Sat Jan-26 at Roanoke
Sun Jan-27 at Greensboro
Wed Jan-30 Charlotte
Thu Jan-31 Charlotte
Fri Feb-1 Roanoke
Sun Feb-3 at Winston-Salem
Wed Feb-13 at Greensboro
Thu Feb-14 at Roanoke
Fri Feb-15 at Charlotte
Sun Feb-17 at Macon
Thu Feb-21 Charlotte
Fri Feb-22 Winston-Salem
Sun Feb-24 at Charlotte
Tue Feb-26 Roanoke
Wed Feb-27 Roanoke
Fri Mar-1 Charlotte
Sat Mar-2 Greensboro

  Dates in bold were never played.